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What's the Equipment?

The Yamasaki System was developed by the philosopher himself, Masafumi Yamasaki. The equipment is not only pushing the boundaries in healthcare & wellness but innovating our understanding of it as well.
Imagine 30 to 60 years ago, if we told you that dentistry would be painless, that doctors would perform surgeries watching a monitor, or that fetuses could be operated on within the uterus...would you have believed it? Would you believe that now the mobility of the vertebrae of your spine can be measured and these joints mobilized by an instrument very comfortably & non-surgical? Would you believe that the youngest and oldest people can now have their spines and nerves treated safely and comfortably? Advances in Yamasaki technology have now been uniquely combined to be able to analyse and treat the human body without medicine & surgery like never seen before.

Our brain and nervous system control every function of the body and a major part of our nervous system (THE SPINAL CORD) is protected inside the moveable bones of your spine. Let us ask you a simple question. What do you think the chances are that the vertebrae in your spine are in their perfect position?

So it's very logical that the vertebra can shift in its position and these changes in position begin to create neurological irritation which creates symptoms. These symptoms include back pain, neck pain, headaches, numbness and tingling of limbs which are a few of the points on the list of neurological symptoms. Nerve interference also reduces the supply of neurons to all parts of our body and creates a decrease in overall body operation and functionality and health.

The Yamasaki system is the premier technology to affect the position of your spine, un-pinch your pinched nerves, reduce nerve irritation, and reduce harmful symptoms naturally.

It is with the help of exclusive equipment, the Yamasaki system that helps with the treatment and analysis of a broader spectrum of common musculoskeletal disorders. It is based on the principle of resonance percussion theory. It works by normalising, neurological firing patterns in nerves and muscles, and by modulating efferent and afferent spinal pathways. The treatment helps detect and correct areas of interference in your nerve pathways.

The Yamasaki system is a sophisticated device that painlessly locates and treats areas of interference in your nervous system, which leads to all your organs and muscles operating at their optimum level. This machine utilises a precise oscillating force with uninterrupted motion. It can increase the mobility of spinal segments in one’s body by reducing or enabling motion in abnormal areas of the body. This equipment is a non-invasive and surgery-free treatment. It is safe for all ages with zero side effects.

Having said that, how can this treatment be so gentle and comfortable? The Yamasaki system uses a precise oscillating force that stimulates tissue neurologically. It can increase mobility by reducing fixation in tissue and enabling motion in abnormal areas in the body. The Yamasaki system uses soft tips that are comfortable to the body and result in a positive change to the health of the joint tissue.

How Does It Work?

The Yamasaki system measures the stiffness and mobility of the tissue or joint by applying a precise gentle mechanical force in the form of a shock wave. This Wave then hits the area so fast that it rebounds back to the instrument before the body’s normal defensive guarding mechanism can be activated. The data about the tissue or joint is then recorded on the Monitor and captured before your muscles can respond to the test. The test is comfortable and very precise. The ability to capture this information is truly a breakthrough in the field of physical medicine.

The Yamasaki system uses advanced technology that gently assesses the problem area, giving the clinician specific vital information about the motion dynamics and frequency of the tissue. This data allows the clinician to then switch the instrument into the treatment mode and provide the exact corrective force. This creates an improved range of motion, eliminates tissue fixation, and improves the function using specific oscillating manipulation techniques that are assisted very safely by the instrument in a precise reproducible manner.

The Yamasaki system allows the practitioner to analyse using a sophisticated instrument, treat the dysfunctional area, and then re-analyse seeing immediate results. This provides real-time and before and after data that is very beneficial to both the clinician and the patient. It also provides a way to track the treatment progression that is straightforward, precise, and computerised.

Precise & Preferred

1. Soft tissue conditions such as trigger points and adhesions respond well to the Yamasaki treatment. The forces are delivered with specific wavelengths and calibrated specifically to each patient to improve tissue function and range of motion.
2. Neurologically the Yamasaki activates structures called mechanoreceptors and nociceptors creating a restriction of pain and restoration of a tone resembling a normal nervous system.
3. The Yamasaki system is very comfortable for patients of all ages because there is no manual rotation or thrusting force that can be harmful in any way.
4. The analysis and treatment are both very safe and comfortable. It greatly reduces any contraindications associated with osteoporosis, osteoarthritis or vertebral artery conditions associated with more aggressive techniques.

Analysis Advanced Software Solutions

This system helps to deliver measured functional outcomes when combined with the proper treatment plan. There are objective and specialised reasoning and data points to analyse. It is important for the patient to feel confident that there is an end to this therapy and we can chart their progress on the analysis screen.
Our unique form of analysis measures joint, muscle and tissue function through four specific aspects. The resistance is analysed by one part of the wave.
Mobility and ligament hysteresis by another aspect. The fluency and relative smoothness of motion are also precisely calculated and analysed.

Yamasaki G2 & Yamasaki X

The unique Sigma system will modernize your clinic for advanced neck and spine care. Both the KD Yamasaki X and KD Yamasaki G2 provide the world’s leading, computerized chiropractic device.

Yamasaki X

Yamasaki X

Yamasaki G2